Chariots of Fire

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Chariots of Fire is now incorporated as a Community Interest Company. COF hope this will give them the structure they require to take forward Amanda Saville’s wonderful legacy and enable them to seek funding for their disabled activities from other agencies.

Who are Chariots of Fire?
A small, nationally recognised company based in a rural community in southern Scotland. Chariots of Fire has been established for 19 years, bringing the exciting sport of carriage driving to all, especially youngsters with special needs. Established by the late Amanda Saville, the COF team are professional and dedicated individuals who love to engage with people and ponies!

What do Chariots of Fire do?
COF run a training centre for the community enabling individuals to take part in new activities that would otherwise be unavailable. Riding, driving, competition training, remedial work with ponies and people. Personal development activities and corporate training events. They specialise in enabling people with special or additional needs to enjoy the fun, excitement and challenge that driving can offer! Ponies inspire People!

How do Chariots of Fire do it?
COF create an environment based on encouragement, kindness, laughter and discipline where people can feel confident to take on new challenges! They have the specialist equipment, ponies, facilities, expertise and personal support. Contact COF to find out more about how their ponies can enrich your life!