Help Me Choose; A New Feature of The Neue Schule Website

On May 13th, 2014, posted in: Neue Schule News by Comments Off on Help Me Choose; A New Feature of The Neue Schule Website

 Have you had trouble deciding which bits are Dressage Legal (UK) or which of the Neue Schule range might be best for the different phases of British Eventing?  Well now Neue Schule unveils their new feature; Help Me Choose guides you through the range and helps you to reach a decision on the most appropriate bit for you and your horse.  With easy to use tick boxes the feature is quick to show you the results, taking you to the bits so you can read about them and make an informed decision.  You can choose your bit by discipline, which is so helpful when deciding on a Dressage legal snaffle bit, which Weymouth or Bridoon come in the various thicknesses or most appropriate bit to use for Showing or faster work such as Show Jumping or Cross Country.   Being able to view the range of extra small bits, 4” – 4.75” bits and extra large bits, 6.25” and 6.5” bits, means that you will see quickly the bits that are available to you in your size, making life so much simpler! 

This should make life easier for you allowing you to make a more informed decision about which bit is most suitable for your horse.   You can then move to the Retailer Finder or Bit Bank Locator to find your nearest retailer to buy or bit bank to hire your chosen bit from!


Ask a QuestionBut don’t worry, if this did not answer all your questions about any of the range, or a specific issue you are having, we are here to help and you can start the Bitting Consultation process on the Ask A Question page and we will be able to do a more personal recommendation.