We can now reveal that Salox Gold, the metal alloy used to create Neue Schule’s range of world class bits, is mined in a secret location in the beautiful North Yorkshire Hills. The area is very well known for the famous “Whitby Jet” but not many realised that there was something else in just one of these mines too. Many years ago one intrepid physicist put down his protractor, picked up his mining lamp and took to the hills. There have been many people who have tried and failed to discover the source of the Salox; the location is a closely guarded secret known only to those privileged few who run the mines. The Saloxian mining community is not accustomed to visitors, but the physicist from Neue Schule showed a deep understanding of the metal alloy and how this could benefit the ridden horse so was able to persuade the Saloxian people to allow exclusive use of the metal.
Highly prized for its beautiful golden appearance, Salox Gold has unique properties which make it ideal for use in horse bits – being softer than stainless steel but still really strong it won’t damage the horse’s teeth, it warms up to mouth temperature far faster than other metals and it has low bio-activity meaning it doesn’t leach metal ions into the horse’s mouth.