How Do I Measure My Bit?

Please refer to our YouTube video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kMHbqpEftFI or visit our sizing guide page http://nsbits.com/sizing-guide/.
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What Is The Difference Between The Team Up And The French Link.

The Team Up is an ergonomically re-designed version of the traditional French Link that has addressed all of the inherent design flaws. For instance the arms/cannons are curved reducing the pressure over the tongues sensitive outer edges. The loops securing the lozenge are smaller and the centrally fixed rounded lozenge as opposed to the flat plate of the French Link ensures that the mouthpiece contours smoothly over the tongue. The most reported improvement from riders who have changed from the French Link to the Team Up is a better contact in particular with no resistance in downward transitions ie no head tossing.

Is The Verbindend Dressage Legal?

Yes the Verbindend is dressage legal in the UK

Do I Need To Change The Size Of My Bit When I Change From A Fixed Cheek To A Loose Ring

Yes, we would recommend that you would go up a 1/4″ when you change from a fixed cheek to a loose ring, this is to accommodate the hole for the rings and reduce any chance of rubbing.

What Is The Arrow For On One End On The Neue Schule Mouthpiece

The arrow on the end of the mouthpiece when in situ should be on the horse’s near side facing forwards. For instance if you are sat on the horse it should be on your left hand side. This is to ensure that when fitted the mouthpiece/angled lozenge operates correctly. These are on our NS Tranz Angled Lozenge and Verbindend mouthpieces.

Is There Any Difference In Action Between The Large And Small Loose Ring?

The larger loose ring will offer more purchase on the mouthpiece owing to the greater distance between the cheek piece and rein. That is why the dressage legal limit is now 80ml internal diameter. You may also notice that the larger loose ring is now being employed in conjunction with the Weymouth. Obviously the horse needs the head to take the larger ring size as we do not wish to cause any rubbing below the cheek bone.

Which Neue Schule Snaffles Are Dressage Legal In The UK?

The NS dressage legal range includes; the Tranz Angled Lozenge Loose Ling, the Starter Bit, the Verbindend Loose Ring, the Team Up, the Demi-Anky, the Tranz Angled Lozenge Eggbutt, the Tranz Angled Lozenge D Ring, the Tranz Angled Lozenge Baucher, the Tranz Angled Lozenge Full Cheek, the Comfy Contact Eggbutt and Baucher. As well as the pony performance Tranz Angled Lozenge Loose Ring, Baucher, Eggbutt, Full Cheek.

Which Weymouths Are Dressage Legal In The UK?

The dressage legal Weymouths are the Slimma Weymouth, The Warmblood Weymouth, Mors L’Hotte Weymouth, the Thoroughbred Weymouth, Transform Weymouth, the Aachen Weymouth, Starter Weymouth, Pacifier Weymouth

Why Is The Salox Gold So Special?

This metal is unique to Neue Schule and was scientifically developed specifically for use as a horse bit to encourage relaxed acceptance of the bit. Salox Gold possesses three special qualities – it has high thermal conductivity making the bit feel warm in the horse’s mouth, it is comparatively soft – for acoustic dampening and has low bioactivity all of which help the horse concentrate on the aids.

Why Would I Choose A Fixed Cheek Rather Than A Loose Ring Bit?

The fixed cheeks on bits such as the Eggbutt or full cheek snaffles can offer a more stable feel for the horse and encourage them to take a more consistent contact taking the rein forwards and down as well as offering directional control. The loose rings allow the mouthpiece to move within the mouth, realigning itself during the various outlines. It also discourages horses that are likely to fix and block through the rein and also gives the rider the option to vibrate the horse off the rein should there be the need.

Should The Bridoon Be A Different Size To The Weymouth?

The Weymouth is a fixed cheek bit so should the Bridoon be a loose ring we would suggest going up a ¼ “ however if your Bridoon is a fixed cheek (such as an Eggbutt) then it will be the same size as your Weymouth.

What Ring Size Should I Use For My Bridoon?

One consideration would be the size of your horses head a smaller ring is probably preferable on a petite head as a larger ring would look out of place and may cause rubbing on the underside of the cheekbone. However if the horse has the head to take it a larger ring is now very popular owing to the fact there is a greater distance between the cheek piece and the rein, therefore offering more purchase on the mouthpiece and clearer signals through the rein. The Neue Schule Bridoon bits are available in 55ml and 70ml ring.

How Does Computer Aided Design (CAD) Help With Design Of Horse Bits?

Computer Aided Design technology has made it possible for Neue Schule to be much more innovative when creating new mouthpieces and cheeks. This new state-of-the-art technology now allows our design team to precisely and proportionally reproduce the required ergonomic shapes and details in any mouthpiece size. It enables us to match design to equine mouth conformation; profiling and engineering critical design features to fit comfortably within the tight parameters and sensitive areas of the mouth. This utilises the connection points necessary in order to promote effective communication through the rein between rider and horse.

Can I Get Personalised Advice For My Horse?

Yes, please fill in the bitting questionnaire, ensuring that you include your phone number and we will be able to offer a suggestion either via email or over the phone

I Can’t Decide Between Two Different Bits – Can I Hire One?

We encourage our retailers to offer a bit hire service so that riders can try before they fully commit. Please see our “locate a bit bank page” to find your local bit bank.

How tight should my curb chain be?

This advice applies to Weymouths, Kimblewicks and Pelhams. The curb chain should always lay flat in the chin groove and should be adjusted so that the cheeks below the mouthpiece do not rotate backwards at more than 45° in alignment with the horses lips when closed.

I am just about to go into my first set of doubles and I have seen many people using a curb sleeve, is there any advantage?

I always recommend that you at least start off with a curb sleeve in order to soften the action of the curb chain in the chin groove. The chin groove is a very sensitive, bony area. Once the doubles are established the continued use of the sleeve would hinge on the horses way of going.

How do I attach a leather curb strap to the cheeks?

Please refer to our YouTube video (using the link below) which demonstrates fitting the curb strap.
These are designed for use with our Baucher, Universal and Elevator cheeks.

How do I attach rope running gag cheeks?

Please refer to our YouTube video (using the link below) which demonstrates fitting the rope running gag cheeks.
These are suitable for use with our Cheltenham, Balding and Nelson.

How do I attach leather running gag cheeks?

Please refer to our YouTube video (using the link below) which demonstrates fitting the leather running gag cheeks.
These are suitable for use with our Cheltenham, Balding and Nelson.

How do I attach a lip strap?

Please refer to our YouTube video (using the link below) which demonstrates fitting the lip strap on a Weymouth.

Why would I use a lip strap?

The lip strap is most commonly used in conjunction with the Weymouth, Pelham or Kimblewick. It is often sourced in order to maintain the position of the curb chain in the chin groove therefore optimising the curb action.

What is the effect of employing a leather curb strap on the Universal, Elevater or Baucher?

The addition of the leather curb strap reinforces what the rider is asking for. It is often used to promote a better outline, enhance turning and help with downward transitions. Please note the leather curb strap on the Baucher would render the Baucher illegal for a dressage test.

What are the advantages of padding the poll?

If your headpiece is well cushioned on the bridle, and many are nowadays, this negates the need. However if not and you are employing the poll with a loose or fixed lever action design of bit then it is necessary. The poll is a very sensitive area. Poll sensitivity may not manifest itself straight away when the bit has been changed so you may not make the association with subsequent evasions such as head tossing etc.

Rubs in doubles in the corner of the lip

I have resolved this problem by experimenting with different designs of curb hooks. One design to try would be the quick links, these are small karabiners and generally eradicate this problem.


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