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We have developed a wealth of resources that you can use to find an answer to your bitting queries or to develop further understanding about bitting horses. If you are an experienced rider looking for additional refinement, or starting out with a horse and are looking to get started with the correct approach, we have a solution for you. It is important that as a rider you are fully involved in finding the bit that delivers the best comfort to your horse and are able to benefit from the enhanced performance that is then delivered. At Neue Schule, we are passionate about bits and bitting and we are very keen to share our experience with the riding community. We are committed to developing the world’€™s best bits and ensuring that more and more people understanding the subject of bitting and use this information to improve their riding.

The content that we have developed is organised into different sections to ensure that you can readily get to the information that you need. Please note that we are constantly adding to the information pool so be sure to visit this section of the website regularly.


Here we list the most common questions that we get asked along with concise replies. An ideal place to start.


Question And Answers

Over the many years that we have been working with riders and developing bits, we have answered thousands of questions. In this section we list some of the more recent questions, along with detailed answers.

Question And Answers

Online Bitting Consultation

If you do not your particular question, or have a slight variation of a question that we have been asked. Use this section to ask the Neue Schule team a question. Don’t forget, the more information that you provide the more accurate will be our advice, so please let us know in details your question and also complete the bitting questionnaire as comprehensively as you can.

Online Bitting Consultation

The Neue Schule Knowledge Base

This section of the website provides useful information on a number of topics. Use this area to gain background information and to enhance your understanding of bits.

Knowledge Base


The Neue Schule team has written many articles that have been published in some of the leading equestrian publications. You can see some of these articles in this area.


Help to Choose

The Help me Choose tool has been developed to assist in the selection of the most suitable bit for your horse. Work through each of the short questions and arrive at a selection of bits that would be ideal for you to consider.

Help To Choose


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