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Hi I live in the USA and I am struggling for advice on Dressage legal snaffle bits and a set of Doubles.


I have an Andalusian and I compete second level dressage. He sometimes is slightly behind the vertical and is tight in the neck and tense in the jaw.  I’ve tried many bits now he’s in 12 mm snaffle I’ve also tried Mylar KK Ultra, Myler snaffle bit and French link bit.  I was looking at Verbindend loose ring and the single jointed Demi Anky.  I can’t get anyone in the USA to offer an opinion on your bits I have tried a friend’s Verbindend for 2 days he was much improved and a lot softer in the jaw.  Any thoughts on your bits would be great.





After reviewing your question and from the detailed information given we would suggest that your horse has an over-sensitive mouth therefore we would suggest for a snaffle or bridoon that you could use the Verbindend or the Comfy Contact Baucher.  The Aachen Weymouth with the Verbindend Bridoon would be the most logical choice for your set of doubles.  The Aachen is very useful for horse’s who tend to work behind the vertical.  The Aachen mouthpiece forms a wide, low tongue bridge designed for maximum comfort across the tongue without putting pressure on the tongue’s sensitive outer edges.  Coupled with the Verbindend Bridoon or Comfy Contact Baucher this will offer generous tongue relief and encourage him to relax his jaw and to lengthen the neck.

This horse sounds like he is very sensitive so would benefit from changing his bit regularly, as this will employ different pressure points.  Therefore alternating the snaffle bit and Bridoon may help to keep his mouth fresh and avoid losing feel and response.  We call this the “Comfortable Working Window” for the horse.




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Managing The Sensitive Mouth


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