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Big, Young And On The Forehand – Help!


Question Hi I hope you can help me, I need to be dressage and BE legal in a snaffle.  My horse is only 5 and currently stands at 17.1hh.  He is a Piebald ISH and I have only owned him for 6 months.  Prior to this he was ridden and show jumped in a Market Harborough.  Obviously I do agree with you there is no substitute for basic training however he is your typical big green horse who tends to get quite heavy on the forehand.  He is strong and resistant in downward transitions and turns like the Titanic.  I have trained to PSG level so I am not incapable however I’m not very big or heavy and so he can act the thug.  I have tried a few loose ring lozenge snaffles as well as an Eggbutt and a Magic bit but non have lightened him as much as a Waterford, but sadly this isn’t dressage legal!





After reviewing your question and from the detailed information given we would suggest that the most logical choice would be the Verbindend Loose Ring.  This is dressage legal for both British Dressage and also British Eventing, unlike the Magic bit.  The Verbindend is almost invariably ‘as good as it gets’ in order to promote lift in front, freedom through the shoulder and help to set up the bend for turning and lateral work. As once the horse is lighter in front lateral work and turns are much easier.  This bit should also reduce the resistance during downward transitions working towards a softer more consistent contact in general.  This is due to the Tranz Angled Lozenge in the centre and, of course, the Salox Gold metal having a high thermal conductivity meaning it reaches mouth temperature quickly so horse’s are less likely to inwardly fixate on the bit.




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