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Hi I have a 16.2hh 7 year old TB Gelding who I have owned for one year.  I have been riding for 30 plus years and competed in most disciplines.  We do a bit of everything so I am looking for a snaffle bit for dressage and a bit for faster work such as Showjumping and Forest rides.  This horse is dressage trained to a higher level than I am and I am wanting more instruction so I can do more competitions with him.  Initially when warming up for his flatwork he stretches down so much that I fear he is going to fall over himself.  He has broken his hip or pelvis in the past so I wonder if the stretching is to do with this? Therefore I tend not to insist on lift too soon. I feel that he needs to stretch and not knowing the extent of his injuries it may be something that he needs to do for his back.  In the forest and on the beach he turns into a cross country horse and every fallen log is his to jump!  I haven’t as yet tried anything other than my pretty thick French Link loose ring without a noseband.  I do have a French Link Dutch Gag hung up in the tack room but I really don’t like the look of it.  On the flat, once warmed up he is nice and soft and carries himself well.  I just think that something a little slimmer may be more comfortable for him.



From the information you have supplied we would suggest that the most logical choice for your flat work would be the loose ring Verbindend in a 16ml.  We entirely agree he does need to stretch and warm up thoroughly before you lift him however not to the extent that he is in danger of falling over himself.  The Verbindend is designed for comfort and a sustainable contact and it should allow you the fine tuning you need in order to further your training and enable him to develop correct muscle structure that will strengthen his back etc.  It is always advisable with old injuries of this type to have ongoing Physio visits to check on even development.For your fast work on the beach and in the forest we would suggest you employ the Tranz Angled Lozenge Universal  you could also consider a noseband just so he doesn’t open his mouth.  This does not need to be tight in order to achieve the objective.  Please bear in mind when introducing anything new it should be done slowly and methodically in a safe environment such as an outdoor or indoor school.




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