Neue Schule – Official Bit of the United States Equestrian Federation

Official Bit of the USEF

Neue Schule Named Official Bit of the United States Equestrian Federation

Neue Schule’s reputation for excellence is unparalleled in its industry. The company’s innovative, high quality bits are the choice of many of the top riders in the world. The United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) recently announced that Neue Schule is now “The Official Bit of the USEF.”

Mette Larsen, President and Founder of Metlar Premium Performance Saddlery, the U.S. and Canadian distributor of Neue Schule Bits, feels that the partnership between Neue Schule and the USEF is a logical one.

“I have always thought we were a perfect bit for the USEF, because we have created a ‘bitting revolution,’” Larsen explains. “At Neue Schule, we take into account the needs and welfare of the horse. We carefully examine design, comfort, and quality before any bit can leave the factory. Our designs are a perfect fit for young horses in development right up through the international calibre athletes.”

Neue Schule is the top choice of professionals and amateurs in and out of the show ring. A cadre of Neue Schule Ambassadors, including Steffen Peters, Todd Minikus, Kim Severson, Buck Davidson, and Laura Graves, count on Neue Schule bits to help them form the best possible partnership with their horses. As part of Neue Schule’s commitment to the bits’ users and the USEF, the company will partner with the USEF to sponsor the Neue Schule/USEF Junior Jumper Championship at the Pennsylvania National Horse Show on October 8-11.

“We could not think of a better partner, and look forward to Neue Schule’s continued support of the USEF,” says the United States Equestrian Federation’s CEO Chris Welton. “Because of Neue Schule’s attention to research, design, and craftsmanship in the construction of its products, we are pleased to welcome Neue Schule as the Official Bit of the USEF.”

Larsen was honoured that Neue Schule was chosen as the Official Bit of the USEF, and asked the organization why this decision was made. The USEF’s reply was simple: The organization values quality products that are truly good for the horse. Neue Schule’s commitment to the welfare of the horse is paramount, and the company’s consistent research and development places it in the forefront of the industry.

“An example of this is the unique and innovative Turtle TopTM bit which has been designed for the over-active and busy mouth,” Larsen adds. “Its design is just brilliant. The revolutionary Turtle TopTM prevents the horse from lifting the side-arms or ‘cannons’ of the bit through its inspired joint design that locks the upward flexion of the cannons. The resulting stability of the bit in the mouth gives clearer rein aids and the horse has fewer distractions. In other words, the bit lays comfortably over the horse’s tongue, is centrally stable, and cannot strike up into the upper palate. The response to the Turtle Top has been so overwhelmingly positive to the point that it warms my heart!”


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