Bubby Upton



Suffolk, England

Top Horses

Fernhill Rockstar, Cola III, Eros DHI, Cannavaro and Cooley As Ice

Tell us a fun fact about your horses

All my horses have a lot of character, in particular Eros DHI who’s favourite trick is to pull your coat zip up and down until he breaks it and when he’s finished his feed he always chucks his bucket outside his stable door demanding more! Its also quite funny because I didn’t like Fernhill Rockstar, my first horse, when I tried him much at all because he has a very unique jumping style but I fell in love with him as soon as I went xc on him. I now couldn’t think of a better first horse to have shown me the ropes and he means the absolute world to me, taking me round my first 3* (now a 4*) and coming 4th.

Greatest Achievement to date

It definitely has to be winning Individual Gold at the Junior European Championships on Eros DHI, becoming the Junior European Champion. Nothing beats having your national anthem played for you.

Main Goal of 2019

My main goal in 2019 is to compete in the Young Rider European Championships again where I hope to put in a really strong performance and hopefully win some medals!

Why do you love Neue Schule Bits?

I have used Neue Schule ever since my pony days back in 2012 and I honestly wouldn’t use anything else. There is such a huge range of bits to accommodate for all my Individual horses and my horses go so well and are very settled in their mouths with the unique Neue Schule mouthpiece

If you weren’t on a horse, where would we find you

Probably in the kitchen, I love to cook.. I just love food in general. 

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