Equine Management and Training

Equine Training

Fred and Rowena Cook run a training yard in North Cambridgeshire. Their name, Equine Management and Training (EMT) is very apt as they provide a complete and very thorough management and training service.  With attention to the most minute detail which may impact of a horse’s ability and willingness to perform, as well as his general demeanour and state of health; nothing is overlooked however negligible it may seem to others. Whether commencing initial training, progressing schooling, jumping training, carrying out rehabilitative and remedial schooling or correcting poor behaviour, their philosophy is always to ensure that apart from being physically ready and able to do as he is asked, a horse is also actually mentally capable of coping too so that training is always a positive experience – never a negative one. EMT produce horses that are happy and enthusiastic in their work, are polite but not robotic.

EMT train horses for all disciplines and have gained a wonderful reputation for starting young horses along the training path and for their skills in resolving issues when things go wrong. Such as is the demand for their services that it is not uncommon for clients to join a 4-month waiting list! Both Fred and Rowena have a lovely easy manner when helping clients with their riding skills with Rowena preferring to cover schooling and Fred putting clients through their paces over fences! EMT are also widely known for their work with horses out of training. They have worked closely with the Retraining of Racehorses (RoR) Charity since its inception in 2000 and now also run a Helpline for the Charity. Ex-racehorses now comprise the larger proportion of the yard residents at any one time but Fred and Rowena have a great satisfaction is setting these horses into a new life and teaching them new skills. To this end they have set up a website in conjunction with the RoR and BHA for rehoming the vast numbers of horses that leave the training environment each year.

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