Pandora Briselden



Wiltshire, England

Top Horses

Cassis Royale and Cavalier in a Million

Tell us a fun fact about your horses

Cavalier in a Million (Millie) is hopefully going to be having a foal which is very exciting! Cassis Royale (Casbar) is the sleepiest horse I have ever met, she is constantly lying flat our in the stable and snoring.. VERY loud.

Greatest Achievement to date

With my current horse it would be going double clear in both of our first CCI*. Overall it had to be being selected for the pony European team with my very special 14.2hh Bramblebrough Eoghan, who I produced myself and is now being the ultimate school master for a lovely family in Ireland.

Main Goal of 2019

To compete at intermediate level with Cassis Royale and have a go at CC1***.

Why do you love Neue Schule Bits?

Every horse loves Neue Schule bits and they always have a solution to your bitting problem! They put so much effort and thought into every personal case and have helped me so much over the years. Thank you Neue Schule.

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