Sam Turner



Hertfordshire, England

Top Horses

 Cuffstown Rumble ( Billy Whiz) GP 

Cedric best known for his in hand demos, now working ridden at Medium 

VIVALDI IX (Boo) competing PSG  working Inter 1 ( I’m just the rider) 

Tell us a fun fact about your horses

Billy Whiz loves to pull the sledge in the snow or on the beach and he loves the sea and is fuelled by polos! 

Cedric is named many things as he is a complete spoon. (1) Baby Shark as he thinks polos are the size of a house and would accidentally swallow your arm! ( he doesn’t get treats just pats) (2) he spooks at his own shadow and thinks his a TB. Filly is the sweetest person and you can’t put her to bed with out a good night cuddle! 

Greatest Achievement to date

Riding my 14hh traditional gypsy cob I’ve trained for 12 years down the Center line at Keysoe in a Grand Prix. 

Main Goal of 2019

Main goal is to keep improving and producing good results with my horses. 

As always ..To win a sash as that’s all I’ve ever wanted! I’ve won a elementary regional of 40 horses but the class wasn’t sponsored that year and I’ve been 2nd and 3rd in many regionals up the levels and areas festivals from Preliminary to Inter 1 but no 1st for a sash. 

And then to enjoy it with my horses what ever luck that brings! 

Why do you love Neue Schule Bits?

I have used Neue Schule bits for several years now and there is a bit for every horse. I always found the knowledge and support behind the brand is second to none. 

It’s about the package, understanding and level of experience for me.

You get all the help and advice you need knowing the level of knowledge and advice is the best you can get. The advanced technology now is amazing so you can get a bit that best suits you as a rider and your horse. 

If you weren’t on a horse, where would we find you

My sports car that I’ve owned for over 16years and if I had more time and pennies I’d be back on the track in it

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