Thomas Stempffer

Show Jumping

Thomas Stempffer is one of France’s up and coming Showjumpers.  With his top horse Rema, Thomas is jumping Grand Prix tracks with great success.  Based in Brittany Thomas studied at the National French Riding School for 4 years before becoming an instructor, he now coaches around 30 riders.   Thomas believes that you should “be with your horses how you’d like a rider to be with you”, a philosophy which has worked well for him and one he passes on to his pupils.  Thomas is a great ambassador of the Neue Schule products as he believes like we do that everything is for the good of the horse, Thomas’ favourite product is the Verbindend “it’s a fantastic simple bit for everyday work. It’s the first time I really feel a difference by changing a simple bit for another simple bit!”.
Thomas, Rema, Real and Riko will surely be one’s to watch over the 2014 season.

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