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As you may know by now, I am a neuroscientist turned “bit-reseacher”.  In November 2015 I moved my family (horse, dogs, cats and husband) to North Yorkshire to manage the research and education of Neue Schule’s Academy.


The Academy was instituted to promote thought through awareness in regards to bitting within the equitation community.  The Academy puts to rest common myths surrounding bits and encourages new thought processes among riders who acquire a thorough understanding of the various mechanical actions and applied forces of bits. The curriculum is defined by a thorough, unbiased search of the scientific literature as well as novel studies undertaken by myself and physicist Dr. Graham Cross.


As our site shows, Neue Schule is the world’s leading manufacturer of horse bits, developing innovative bit designs that deliver amazing results due to our diligent research.


Our scientific approach has led to a bit for every individual horse’s preference.  The dimensions being of great importance for the right contact.  The ergonomic design tuned to the horse’s own mouth anatomy means comfort to the horse and also for the rider.


Neue Schule’s research and development has resulted in Salox Gold™ a metal designed specifically for the mouthpiece of our bits and comfort of the horse.


We are constantly searching for better results and are open to collaborative efforts.


We would very much like to tell you about our methods, teach you and inform you about our scientific approach.  Sign up for The Academy by Neue Schule and let us convince you.


For collaborative efforts please contact me directly via email.


I am currently in search of riders of all levels who are capable of consistent canter work and horse rider dyads who are willing to work in a double bridle.


Meetings / Poster Presentations:

International Society for Equitation Science, Saumur, France June 23-25, 2016

Reaching Equestrians through an On-line Academy to Implement a New Thought Process for Humane Bitting Using Applied Physics (poster).

Assessment of poll pressure induced by a baucher/hanging cheek snaffle (poster).



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Enjoying a research day at Assouline Dressage using our standard research equipment.


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