I have a Spanish dressage horse; even though he is seventeen I ride him most of the time in the Neue Schule starter bit. I am riding at adva

nced medium and have started riding him in a double bridle which he was ridden in in Spain. My horse has a horrible large scar on his tongue which I think is part of the problem with him being very difficult in the mouth he is unbelievably cleaver from leaning on the hand to putting his head between his legs, you name it and he is ten steps ahead of you trying to avoid working correctly. I find that I have to put the bit a little bit higher up on him than I would with other horses due to the scar, also I find a light thin bit suits him best. I would like your advice on which Neue Schule Weymouth I should but and do you do a snaffle to suit as well.

A logical choice of doubles to go with would be the Transform Weymouth (80107FB) with the first choice being the 12mm Verbindend (9010) or if that doesn’t tick all the boxes the Tranz Baucher (8022B). Bitting is never an exact science we must consider many different factors throughout the process and from the information we have it would make sense to pair the Transform with the Verbindend however sometimes trial and error comes into play, in that case the next Bridoon choice would be the Baucher.

I have a 4year old sports horse that I currently ride in an eggbutt snaffle with cheek pieces, I have found however he can lean on this quit

e a bit making him very heavy on the left side. I did put a French link with cheeks in him but he didn’t like that and wouldn’t take the bit very well and seemed more above the bit, however it did make him stop leaning. I changed back to the eggbutt as I felt the French link wasn’t right for him, I have tried flashes etc. but I wondered if you had any suggestions on a bit that would make him happy in the contact but stop him leaning etc. I am aware that young horses to lean more but I just feel this egg butt snaffle isn’t the right answer?

The most logical choice of bit for your horse would be the Demy Anky 18mm (8013). If you would like further information on this design please visit our You Tube channel www.youtube.com/neueschulebits.com


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