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manuel anon suarez jumping
“Since I started using Neue Schule bits on my horses, they are much more confident in the mouth and stable in the contact. Mouths are foamy and the jaws are loose. I can see the difference not only in the flat work at home, but also during the competition. Thanks to the new jumping bits, the horses that were difficult to ride into and off the jump, are much easier to “drive” because they listen more to my aids by softening their mouths.”
Manuel Añón Suárez, European Team Champion (Spain) & Individual Bronze Medalist Europeans 2009
“The difference that having bits designed and sized for our ponies has been amazing. All have improved the way they go and are much happier.”
Amanda Saville, Chariots of Fire DIsplay Team
manuel anon suarez jumping


“Whether it is for a young horse or a Grand Prix horse I found the large variety of choice with Neue Schule bits amazing. There is no two horses’ mouth conformation alike and you need to have access to a manufacturer who can provide that choice. Neue Schule always has that special bit you are looking for.”
Michel Assouline, GB Paralympic Dressage Team Coach


“It is great to know that Heather and Neue Schule have worked so hard to produce quality products with the horse in mind. The team is always there at the other end of the telephone to discuss requirements and to share knowledge.”

Nicola McGivern, British Dressage Olympic Team

manuel anon suarez jumping
“I really like the broad range that Neue Schule bits offer and more importantly so do my horses ! All horses are unique in their mouth conformation and sensitivity and therefore it is our responsibility as horsemen to find the most comfortable bit for each individual horse.”
Richard Davison, Team Captain British Dressage Team


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