Sponsored rider Wills Oakden Badminton Debut!

Earlier this year we received a very exciting email from Wills expressing his interest in becoming a sponsored rider of Neue Schule. Prior to becoming a sponsored riders Wills was a big fan of Neue Schule bits and was using them for both training and competition. We are extremely proud to support Wills and be a part of his incredible journey. 

Badminton, the biggest event of your career…how did you prepare? 

We stuck to our normal training routine; this was very important to us as it had got us this far so didn’t want to suddenly start changing things. The only thing we increased was the fitness/fast work.

Do you have any pre competition rituals or lucky charms? 

No, I trust in the fact I have put in the groundwork with the training and prep work before hand and stick to my plans.

Do you have any top tips to deal with nerves?

I try to keep in my own bubble, keep things normal, stick to the plan I have made for that horse and competition and don’t listen to too many other opinions and comments on what other riders would or plan to do.

What did you think of the XC course? 

I thought the course was big the consistent size of the fences all the way round the course over that distance with no real let up fences as such was just incredible.

Which do you feel is your strongest discipline with Cooley Ramiro? 

The Show jumping is for sure his strongest!

If you could go back and do it all again is there anything that you would do differently? 

I would ride the mirage pond differently I would have given myself more time after jumping the corner to open ditch to the corner so that I could jump direct rather than having to go the long route.

At his first Badminton Wills achieved an incredible double clear and a highly respectable score of 33.7 in the Dressage finishing in 25th place. We are so excited to see what next year brings this talented pair! 

Wills and Cooley Ramiro returning from a clear XC

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