Alice Goring



Surrey, England

Top Horses

The Little Frenchman aka Finley 

​​Theodore (Theo) 

​​Albatross de Guye (Alfy)

Tell us a fun fact about your horses

The Little Frenchman is the smallest horse currently competing at Advanced level!

Greatest Achievement to date

Winning the Horse and Hound Amateur Rider of the Year award in 2017. Also, being double clear and placed at 2* on my little horse and going clear in our first Advanced!

Main Goal of 2019

Complete my first Medium and go abroad to do a CCI** and of course have lots of fun!

Why do you love Neue Schule Bits?

Neue Schule have bits to suit every type of horse, even the sensitive and more quirky sorts. The universal with the leather curb is the only bit that I can use to show jump The Little Frenchman in, who is strong and cocky but also sensitive and will go behind the vertical with a bit he doesn’t like. The NS full cheek bits have been a godsend for my youngsters, and I wouldn’t be without them.

2018 Updates

Alice had a very successful 2018 season! Her top horse the 15hh eventer The Little Frenchman has had double clears and placings at Intermediate and 2*. Together they went on to complete their first Advanced.

They are taking the equine world by storm being a frequent headline in leading horse magazines!

Two weeks ago Alice was invited to be the guinea pig rider in the Chris Bartle arena eventing demo at Your Horse Live in the main arena. Alice says “Frenchman was absolutely amazing and was the only one of the three horses to not touch a pole or stop at anything”. 

Next year the pair hope to do some CCI** as well as some more advanced runs. The goal for 2019 is to step up to 3*.

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