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2nd June 2019

Neue Schule Poll Pressure Guide

A key question posed by company founder and bitting guru, Heather Hyde, regarding poll pressure was recently resolved. Heather wanted to know how much poll pressure each bit in the […]

29th May 2019

The Turtle Snaffle Family

The Neue Schule Turtle Top (top left) and Neue Schule Turtle Tactio (bottom right). The Turtle name is derived from its central link shape, which itself, takes inspiration from the […]

28th May 2019

How to Measure Your Bit Correctly

There are various measurements to consider when sourcing and assessing the correct size of bit including length, thickness, ring size and design. Loose Ring Cheeks The picture below demonstrates a […]

20th May 2019

Bitting For Young Horses

Giving a young horse the right start to its training is essential to finding its true potential and making sure you are using the right bit is a major factor […]

18th May 2019

Enlightened Bitting – Changing Attitudes

Our attitude and objectives with horses have evolved greatly over the years. Originally horses were viewed as machines and their role was either work or as a war horse.  The […]

10th May 2019

Nosebands – Are They Always Necessary?

We usually use nosebands to shut the over active mouth.  But before we employ a flash noseband, etc, there are factors we must consider, because if the horse is uncomfortable […]

5th May 2019

Measuring Your Horse For A Bit

Methods of measurement There are various devices (mouth measures) available that will enable you to measure your horse’s mouth in order to determine the correct size of bit.  We’ll look […]

29th April 2019

Enlightened Bitting – Mouth Management

Teeth do need regular attention – at least once per year by a fully qualified Equine Dentist or Veterinary Surgeon, or sooner if you suspect any problems. When we return […]

26th April 2019

Enlightened Bitting – Managing The Sensitive Mouth

Riders seeking advice systematically tell me they have worked through ‘every’ bit and nothing has been a permanent solution. Although some of these bits may have initially had the desired […]

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