Emily Baldwin



South East, England

Top Horses

Uppercourt Cooley, Rinwood Cooley and Bright Spark

Tell us a fun fact about your horses

They all have their different quirks and personalities. Fintan loves bananas and watermelon. Annabelle is the queen that keeps everyone in their place. Feyre is the Chatty Cathy that loves to talk to everyone. Anile is the sweet little one that loves attention but will never push for it. 

Uppercourt Cooley is quiet a shy character and is often given the nickname The Fainting Goat!

Rinwood Cooley is massive joker. He only owns one rug which is covered in cribox, otherwise he just tears them to shreds, all with a smile on his face!

Bright Spark is a diva. She hates anything that flaps and can be very sharp, but is the boldest horse xc and would jump anything you put in front of her.

Greatest Achievement to date

Winning the World Cup Qualifiers at Chatsworth and Haras du Pin on Drivetime and being made reserve for Beijing Olympics. 

Main Goal of 2019

All three horses compete successfully at CCI4* level

Why do you love Neue Schule Bits?

I love working with Neue Schule because they have such a variety of bits and a depth of knowledge as to what will work best with different horses.

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