Mount St.John



Mount St John, North Yorkshire

Top Horses

Mount St John Freestyle, MSJ Top Secret, Mount St John Valencia and Mount St John VIP

Tell us a fun fact about your horses

All our competition horses are mares, and all are involved in our breeding programme via embryo transfer so they have recipient mares to carry out the pregnancy while they continue competing

Greatest Achievement to date

Winning BD nationals with multiple horses from 4 years old to Inter 1, and Freestyle getting the Bronze medal at 2018 WEG

Main Goal of 2019

To qualify Freestyle for the Europeans and to have horses across all levels from 4-GP at the British nationals and representing us abroad from horses previously sold 

Why do you love Neue Schule Bits?

They’re horse friendly and really consider the different mouth conformations, and great most come in ¼ in sizes so you can get it just right.  We love the R&D which is ongoing into continuous improvement for both horse and rider.

If you weren’t on a horse, where would we find you?

either caring for the horses and foaling mares, or away from the stables skiing 

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