William Pittendrigh

Working hunting

Equestrian discipline

Working hunters are my main discipline which I compete nationally in including the Royal International and Horse Of the Year Show. I also event, show jump and compete in hunt competitions.


Northumberland, UK

Top Horses

I am lucky to currently have a few top horses in my yard.

Constellation II (Alf) who I have owned for eight years was Amateur Coloured Horse Champion at the Royal International 2017. He is a 15.2hh, skewbald gelding and is now 12 years old. He has also qualified for the Royal International in both the horse workers and intermediate working hunter pony class.  

Another top horse I currently own is Silver Lough (Scully).  He is a 15.2hh, 7 year old, purebred Irish Draught gelding who I have owned since he was a 4 year old. Last year he was champion working hunter pony (WHP) at Royal Windsor Horse Show, Champion intermediate WHP at Derbyshire Festival as well as winning both the Horse of The Year Show horse worker and intermediate WHP qualifier on the same day. He was selected to represent England for the British Show Pony Society inter country teams and he also won the Intermediate Gold Cup. He was also 4th in the horse workers at the Royal International as well as 5th in the Cuddy Horse Worker final at Horse Of the Year Show. All this at just 6 years old!

The final top horse I have in my yard is Sligo Better Value (Sligo). He is a 16.3hh, 14 year old, bay gelding. I have owned Sligo for 3 years. He has qualified for the Royal International two years in a row and he jumped a lovely clear last year. He also events where he has been double clear every time out up to BE100. This year we are coming out at BE Novice. Sligo and myself also completed the Golden Button challenge this year which I can truthfully say, was one of the toughest things I have ever done.

Tell us a fun fact about your horses

All my horses have a lot of character, in particular Eros DHI who’s favourite trick is to pull your coat zip up and down until he breaks it and when he’s finished his feed he always chucks his bucket outside his stable door demanding more! Its also quite funny because I didn’t like Fernhill Rockstar, my first horse, when I tried him much at all because he has a very unique jumping style but I fell in love with him as soon as I went xc on him. I now couldn’t think of a better first horse to have shown me the ropes and he means the absolute world to me, taking me round my first 3* (now a 4*) and coming 4th.

All of my horses live an extremely varied life. They regularly hack (sometimes riding and leading), go to the beach, hunt all season, show jump, event you name it! I think it’s very important that they are happy and I believe giving them a varied life encourages this. 

Constellation II (Alf) – as well as all of the above, Alf hunted side saddle back in 2017 with myself on board to raise money for Cancer Research and raised over £2200. 

Silver Lough (Scully) – Scully loves going to the shows. If I let go of him at the bottom of the lorry ramp, he trots in all by himself! 

Sligo Better Value (Sligo) – Sligo can, let’s just say, be a little uncooperative when it comes to catching him. So much so, he likes to jump the paddock fence to avoid me!

Greatest Achievement to date

My greatest achievement has to be going champion at Royal Windsor last year. I rode in front of HM Queen Elizabeth II and with it being a week before 

 Prince Harry was getting married at Windsor itself, it made the whole show that little bit more special. 

Main Goal of 2019

 My main goal for 2019 would be to win the Royal International and Horse Of the Year Show, However I would also really love to win at Royal Windsor again and be chosen for the England teams again too. 

Why do you love Neue Schule Bits?

I love Neue Schule bits because I believe that they are the best on the market. There is a bit to suit every horse in various shapes and sizes and the precision that goes into making them is quite extraordinary. My horses love them. 

If you weren’t on a horse, where would we find you

If I’m not on a horse, you will most likely find me either in the gym or running on the roads. I take my fitness very seriously and I don’t see how my horses can perform at their best if I am not fit myself.

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