Wills Oakden



Perthside, Scotland

Top Horses

Cooley Ramiro, Oughterard Cooley, AKD Cooley Lockdown, Tayvale Hunky Dory, A Class Cooley, MacGregors Cooley, Cooley Cadbury

Tell us a fun fact about your horses

They all have different personalities, fashion statment (felix) is the cuddly one, Quinu (Rupert) is the cheeky one and Chantal is the greedy one

When not riding Will can be found on the golf course, doing the washing or trying to play the guitar.

He is also terrible at losing his wallet and keys! 

Greatest Achievement to date

Producing Sylvia Douglas’s homebred Greystone Midnight Melody from BE100 to placing in the senior GB European team. There were plenty of highs and lows on the way but the owners always kept their faith. I am very grateful to them and am very proud to have achieved this and to have produced Molly for them.

Main Goal of 2019

Main goal is to keep improving and producing good results with my horses. 

Why do you love Neue Schule Bits?

I have used Neue Schule bits for several years now and there is a bit for every horse. I always found the knowledge and support behind the brand is second to none. 

If you weren’t on a horse, where would we find you

Looking for my wallet and keys!

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