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I have a 10 year old 15.2hh TBxStationbred Black and White Pinto Gelding who I have owned for 3 years.  We enjoy hacking, competing in low level dressage/showing as well as Show Jumping at 1.10m.  He tends to be on the forehand and heavy in the hand, especially in canter.  It is hard work to get him going forwards and if I try to ride him into the contact he just becomes heavier although he doesn’t come above the bit or resist in downward transitions.  He also licks his lips a lot not isn’t evading with his tongue.  I have tried a Myler Snaffle loose ring in this he avoided moving forwards into the contact he wanted to move laterally instead.  I am currently riding him in another Mylar Bit – the KK Ultra loose ring – he is good in walk and trot but really leans on my hands and is on the forehand in canter.  When I have changed the bit I have found that he only improves for the first ride after that he is the same or worse.  I am looking for a bit to do everything in that is also dressage legal and help lighten him in my hand and get him off the forehand.




Having reviewed your question and from the detailed phone call we would recommend the Verbindend loose ring as, generally speaking, when sourcing across all of the brands this is as good as it gets within dressage legal parameters in order to achieve more lift and freedom through the shoulder.  Although we fully appreciate that you would prefer a bit to do everything in you have stated yourself that when you do change designs you obtain an initial, although very short lived, improvement.  We would therefore suggest that the way forward would be for you to alternate your bits frequently, even between two snaffle bits.  You may wish to consider the Tranz Angled Lozenge 14mm loose ring as a bit to use for alternating with.




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