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Please ensure when discussing sets of Doubles that riders are advised to use a cushioned head piece and a curb sleeve.

When advising on size, a general guide would that be if they are in a loose ring snaffle bit they stay the same size for the Loose Ring Bridoon but go down ¼” for our fixed cheek Weymouth.


All of the Weymouths listed below are currently available in a 5”-6” mouthpiece in ¼” increments with a 7cm shank. 

The Slimma Weymouth 8015 and the Warmblood Weymouth 8028 are available in a 5, 7 and 9cm shank.

We also have extra small and extra large sizes, for example:

The Slimma Weymouth in a 4 ½” and 4 ¾” with a 5cm and 7cm shank length and a 6 ¼” and 6 ½” with a 7cm and 9cm shank.

The Mors L’Hotte, Thoroughbred and Transform Weymouths are available in a 4 ¾” with a 7cm shank.

The Starter, Aachen and Pacifier Weymouths with a 6 ¼” in a 7cm shank.


The 5cm shank is occasionally employed on horses that back off the contact (working behind the vertical).

The 7cm shank is the average and most popular length.

The 9cm shank reinforces the riders rein aids and is useful on strong wilful horses.




We Say- 


Starter Weymouth (80277FV) and Tranz Eggbutt Bridoon (8022E) or Team Up (9012) – This comfortable, gentle combination promotes relaxed acceptance, encouraging the horse to lengthen the neck, softening into a consistent sustainable contact.


Aachen Weymouth (80277FF) and Tranz Bridoon (8022) – Very popular all purpose, ergonomically designed double set, promotes a softer more consistent contact.  The Aachen Weymouth is designed to encourage the horse to lower at the poll, lengthening the neck and seeking a soft sustainable contact.  Recommended for the short tense neck.   A very gentle set of doubles, which encourage collection, without resistance.


Pacifier Weymouth (80277FB) and Tranz Bridoon (8022) or Tranz Baucher (8022B) – Ideal for the short smile (a horse that is short from the corner of the lip to the muzzle).  This Weymouth remains further back in the mouth connecting with a less sensitive area.  Also beneficial for the overactive mouth and, many times, has eradicated tongue evasions.  The difference between this and the Transform Weymouth is that the Pacifier is also recommended for horses which tend to work behind the vertical.


Mors L’Hotte Weymouth – also known as the French Curb (80107FV) and Team Up (9012) A simple, gentle combination which takes up very little room in the mouth.  Ideal for horses which are strong, but sensitive.  This 12mm Weymouth is ideal if the rider wishes to use a thicker Bridoon in order to encourage more weight through the rein combating the sensitivity


Thoroughbred Weymouth (80107FF) and Tranz Eggbutt Bridoon (8022E) or Tranz Baucher Bridoon (8022B)* – Reduces pressure over the thinner more sensitive outer edges of the tongue and bars.  Ideal for bloodlines with Thoroughbred, Arab and Trakhener influence owing to the mouth conformation of these breeds.



Transform Weymouth (80107FB) and Tranz Baucher Bridoon (8022B) or Comfy Contact Baucher  (1CCB) or Verbindend Bridoon (9010) – Good for the short smile (a horse that is short from the corner of the lip to the muzzle).  Discourages over active and fidgety mouths.  This Weymouth remains further back in the mouth taking up very little room and connecting with a less sensitive area.  Often eradicates tongue evasions.


Slimma Revolver Weymouth (80157R)* and Tranz Bridoon (8022) – This set combats over sensitivity and is often the key for horses which have proven resistant and difficult in doubles.  This combination is often used for training purposes or in order to successfully reintroduce legal doubles.



Warmblood Revolver Weymouth (80287R)* and Verbindend Bridoon (9010) – Ultimate tongue relief Weymouth.  When combined with the 9010 will often eradicate even long term tongue evasions.  Many times this set has been the ‘key to the mouth’ for horses which have not been ‘easy’ in doubles.  This combination is often used for training purposes or in order to successfully reintroduce legal doubles.


Slimma Weymouth (8015FV) and Verbindend Bridoon (9010) or Tranz Bridoon (8022) – Offers extra lift from the shoulder and more control if required, although not considered severe.   This combination takes up very little room in the mouth.


Warmblood Weymouth (8028FF) and Team Up Bridoon (9012) – Promotes contact, often useful for tongue evasions.  This Weymouth is very popular for helping horses with tongue evasions.  Many Warmbloods do have larger than average tongues, especially the KWPN.  Beneficial for horses inclined to work above the bit or for the short tense neck.  Usually encourages more weight through the rein.


* Slimma Revolver Weymouth (80157R) and Warmblood Revolver Weymouth (80287R) – Both Revolver Weymouths are not yet FEL approved, but are ideal for training.  However Neue Schule will be presenting both Revolver Weymouths for FEI assessment and we are hopeful that in the future it will be legal.



Bridoons are available with the standard ring size of 55mm or the 70mm which is the average snaffle size.


55mm Ring 70mm Ring

The NS Demi Anky Bridoon (8011) is often used for fussy overactive mouths.  This clever curved shape is so much kinder than the traditional straight armed single joint as it does not squeeze the outer edges of the tongue, nor does it squash the lips in and offers a more even weight bearing surface across the bars.  This greatly reduces any chance of rubbing.  The NS Demi Anky is currently available in 5 ½” but will shortly be available from 5 – 6” in ¼” increments.


All of our Weymouths and Bridoons are interchangeable.  However the doubles have been combined as a snaffle/bridoon and Weymouth/Curb that gel/work well together in order to achieve a certain way of going.






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