Popular bits for the show ring

24th April 2019

Popular bits for Lead Rein, First Ridden and In-Hand Showing.
As with all disciplines it is the responsibility of the owner/rider to comply with the rules regarding bitting, tack, attire etc.

However this article highlights some very popular choices based on legal requirements, comfort, performance and aesthetics.

Lead Rein – At this point in time the child is aspiring to develop an independent seat, good position and sympathetic hands in order to achieve a soft, consistent contact and ultimately develop all of the rein aids. A mild comfy bit is essential should the child lose position the pony should not be punished. For instance the Neue Schule Angled Tranz Lozenge mouthpiece in the warm NS Salox Gold is ideal when combined with legal cheeks such as the NS Tranz Loose ring, Eggbutt or Beval.

First Ridden – Children often lack the strength and technique to ride the pony up into the hand and ask for an outline however the correct bit will aid communication by enhancing the rein aids. They may also need directional reinforcement, kind control and help to lift the pony off the forehand. Thankfully we now have designer bits that will emphasise these signals through the rein helping the child to recognise when they are applying the correct aids thus developing the Childs skills in these areas.

In hand – Young horses are often shown In-Hand so the experience of the bit should be a positive one. There are two bits that are highly recommended inorder to ensure maximum comfort and confident relaxed acceptance; the Neue Schule Starter Loose Ring and the Neue Schule Tranz Angled Lozenge Eggbutt. We do not wish the young horse to become fixated on the presence of the mouthpiece as this often leads to overactivity and tongue evasions.

Neue Schule has an extensive collection of designs for the show ring suitable for all classes at every level. Available from 4” to 6 ½ “ in quarter inch incriments and varying thicknesses as a perfect feel and fit is essential.

These mouthpieces are made in the NS Salox Gold which posseses extremely high thermal conductivity promoting a relaxed consistent contact. They also incorporate the NS Tranz Angled Lozenge. These mild ergonomically designed mouthpieces enhance feel and response.

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