The Emotional Pony – Verbindend Review

6th October 2020

One of the things Manu and I stumble on is that he can get quite tense through his body sometimes. For example, when the wind blows the wrong way or when the woolly beasts from the property next door are doing their thing in the far distance. I suppose you could say that he can get distracted quite easily and will often present this by getting rather tense, busy-mouthed, heavy and evading my aids. Consequently, the rest of his body follows suit, and it all gets harder for him to focus on me, work through his tension and relax. When I spoke to Neue Schule about these challenges, they suggested we try the Neue Schule Verbindend Loose Ring and off we went. Previously I used the Turtle Top bits (specifically the Hunter D) as I felt these would help his busy mouth (and they really did, in fact they offered a world of difference), but occasionally we would still stumble across the tension, which we both found very challenging to work through. 

Trying out the Neue Schule Verbindend over the last couple of weeks has offered some clear changes. When Manu gets tense and excited, he will still show this through his body, however, he has gotten much easier to work through. I find him less tense in the mouth and more responsive to my aids, which in turn makes him less evasive. I believe this is due to the additional room around the tongue that the Neue Schule Verbindend offers. I have found Manu to be increasingly light and happier to carry himself, which makes me very happy with this bit. I definitely think this bit is an excellent addition to our collection and will continue to use this!

The Emotional Pony

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