How to Care For Your Bit


After each use it is advisable to wash your bit under the tap and dry it thoroughly. It is not necessary to polish your bit, however if you wish to do so you may use any reputable metal polish, ensuring that there is no residue left on the bit.  In order to achieve this, immerse in warm soapy water after polishing and rub thoroughly with a soft sponge.  Finish off with a cold rinse under the tap and dry thoroughly with a cloth.  


When cleaning and checking your tack, the bit should also be included.  The recommendation is to do this on a weekly basis.  Things you miss or ignore here, regarding all tack, can become serious safety issues. Included in the overall scrutiny we advise that you check the following regularly. This list is not exhaustive and other bit designs to those we produce may have different critical inspection issues:

  1. Any loss of material where a joint is formed; for example, between the inner end loops of the cannons and the bores of the central link of a double jointed design.
  2. That the bevelling on the edges of the outer end bores of the cannons is still smooth.
  3. That the rings or fixed cheeks are not showing any deformation or unusual signs of wear.
  4. That joins or welds between two different metals, for example any of the Neue Schule Weymouth types, are tightly closed with no discernible gap. 

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