10 Minutes with Bit & Bridle Fitter Charlotte Warman

13th December 2019

Hi, I am Charlotte Warman. I am a bit and bridle fitter based in Somerset and cover the South West. Along side this I run and own Kings Sedgemoor equestrian centre which is a purpose-built centre running affiliated and unaffiliated competitions. I have had horses all my life and worked professionally within the industry, travelled the world as a groom/rider. I am an active volunteer within BRC and official steward, BD official steward, and a trainee BS Judge.

Charlotte Warman

What was it that first attracted you to become a Bit and Bridle Fitter?

I needed something to run alongside the equestrian centre. Bits and bitting had always interested me and as someone who spends a lot of time in collecting rings I hear a lot and see a lot. Within the equestrian world bitting is often misunderstood with very little knowledge behind the bits being used and for what purpose. Seeing a course with a recognised qualification appealed to me and I can now help educate and empower people to make horse comfort and welfare the highest of priority. Many of our bits used today are designs from the early 1900’s. With the science, knowledge and the amazing equine professionals from vets, dental technicians, physios and saddle fitters, Bit and bridle fitting complements the whole horse. It’s a very exciting journey.

What does your “average” day look like?

Varied. No day or horse is the same. I run consultations from my arena and I also spend a lot of the time on the road going to yards whether private or professional. I see people and horses from all disciplines and all levels from pleasure hacking to the Olympic competition horse. 

How does your Bit and Bridle Fitting compliment your other line of work?

I am in a lucky situation where I get to see many of my clients compete and have great results after consultations. It’s really lovely being able to follow their stories and successes.

What is the best thing about being a Bit and Bridle Fitter?

Being able to problem solve, or enhance the performance of a great animal. I get to meet some amazing people with some incredible stories. I also love being able to work alongside Vets, Dental technicians, physios, saddle fitters and trainers.

What challenges do you face as a Bit and Bridle Fitter?

Closed minded people. Bit fitting is a relatively new profession and the equestrian world can be a sceptical place. Like everything in life there maybe different paths leading to the same goal and I hope that one day Bit fitting will be seen with the same light as saddle fitting and importance.

The rain!! Having enough waterproofs.

What would you say you anybody that is considering becoming a Bit and Bridle Fitter?

Be patient, take your time in a consultation and listen to the horse. Some days you may have an exceptional rider another day you may have a novice rider and a novice horse.

Be able to read body language and also study the disciplines you’re working in, take time to watch horses in competition, talk to judges, ask questions, invite the customers trainers and coaches to their session. It all builds a great picture.

Never stop learning.

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