It is that time of year again…

4th November 2020

Top tips for clipping your horse

1. Make sure your clippers are sharp

If your blades are dull or dirty they will not cut as clean and are more likely to overheat or catch the skin. If possible, it is a good idea to have a spare pair of blades to hand.

2. Give your horse a bath

Weather providing, give your horse a good bath and remove the dirt and grease from their coat. This will make it smoother for the blades and give your horse a cleaner cut.

3. Lighting is everything

Make sure you are clipping in either a well lit stable or natural light. It can be hard to do a tidy clip if you cannot see what you are doing!

4. Wear your waterproofs

There is no way around it, you are going to end up looking like Chewbacca by the time you are finished. Be sure not to wear your best clothes! Waterproofs are always a good choice as you can wipe them down easily.

5. Take it slow

If it is your horses first time being clipped be sure to take it slow. Allow them to familiarise themselves with the sound of the clippers before you begin. You may then want to introduce them to the feeling of the clippers. You can take an electric toothbrush and run this over your horses back, this will then get them used to the vibrations.

6. Try to avoid clipping a fresh horse

If your horse is a little bit of a fidget or prone to becoming tense, turn them out for a couple of hours of go for a ride prior to clipping. This will get a little bit of energy out of there system. Just remember to ensure they are clean and dry before you get the clippers out. A second top tip for a fidget is a haynet to distract them.

7. Get the chalk out

Unless you are doing a “full clip” you are going to need to practice getting your lines. Taking some chalk to outline where to clip is a big help!

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