New Year… New Goals!

18th January 2022

With this cold weather and the dark nights, we know how hard it is to stay motivated, so we have some top tips to help you kick start your new year and get you motivated!

  • Set an achievable goal! This could be competing at a higher level this season or achieving a new skill in the arena. Whatever the goal may be make sure its achievable.
  • Put a training program in place. Have a plan in place of all the competitions/clinics you would like to attend. This will help you stay motivated. Another great way to stay focused is to have a daily plan in place for each horse.

    Top tip! Is to have a white board with the days of the week and horse’s names on. Each day write what activities you will be doing with each horse. Example, Pole work – Monday. This will help you stick to your plan.
  • Have your horses MOT done. You want to make sure your horses are in tip top condition. So, by having a vet check, farrier, physio/chiropractor/osteopath or masseuse, saddler fitter, bit fitter, dentist and an equine nutritionist check your horse. This will put your mind at ease and your horse will thank you later.
  • If you’re riding after work a great tip is to get changed into your riding clothes at work. There is nothing worse than getting to the yard when its freezing cold and having to get changed. Once the jodhpurs are on there no turning back!
  • Get prepared for the competition season. Have a check list in place of what needs to be done before your season starts.

Examples are:

  • Cleaning and packing the lorry.
  • Tidy horse’s manes and tails.
  • Packing and checking your riding equipment. Check equipment is up to the legal standard
  • Have your horsebox MOT/service up to date
  • Clean and check your tack. Give your tack a thorough clean and check all stitching and leather work is all intact.
  • If you use studs for competition. Then make sure you have your farrier put stud wholes in your horse’s shoes before your competition.
  • Practice your plaiting there is nothing more frustrating than waking up early or staying up late to plait your horse and it not going to plan. So, practice is key then when the time comes it will be smooth sailing.
  • Get you horse looking smart, it gives you a great sense of pride when your horse is looking their best. So, start grooming early and if your horse needs clipping then do this in advance.

By getting a list prepared this will help you get the jobs done and keep you on track. Tick off the list when you have completed the tasks, and this will keep you motivated.

So, there you have it our top tips for getting motivated and prepared for the new year! We would love to see some picture and videos of your horses in action so please tag us in social media posts so we can follow your journey!

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