Fancy having a FREE Bit and Bridle check at the Keysoe British Dressage Camp?

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17th September 2019

Will you be heading to the Keysoe BD camp on the 26th and 27th of October? Fancy a free stable consultation to assess the fit and suitability of your bit and bridle? Neue Schule will be on hand to provide free bitting advice and bridle checks at the Keysoe British Dressage Camp on the 26th and 27th of October.

The College Equestrian Centre Keysoe

Gail Johnson of Horse Bit Hire will be joining us to providing stable consultations, bitting advice, purchase and hire. As many of you know, Gail travels with the Neue Schule team frequently, providing advice and bits to customers. Gail has attended the October Keysoe camp for many years, and always enjoys coming back to meet old friends and new faces. She will be bringing a stock of bits to Keysoe for those that wish to hire and purchase bits. Gail is a LANTRA Certified, Neue Schule Qualified Bit and Bridle Fitter.

Olivia Turner of Olivia Turner Animal Behaviour Consultant and Equine Bit Fitting will also be returning to Keysoe to provide bitting advice. Olivia first travelled to the Keysoe BD Camp a year ago as a Bit and Bridle Fitting student in order to gain more experience and shadow the team. In January 2019 she became a fully-fledged LANTRA Certified, Neue Schule Qualified Bit and Bridle Fitter, and since then has been extremely busy with bit fitting consultations and bitting talks. As Olivia covers the Bedfordshire and surrounding areas this will be a great opportunity for those in the area to meet her. As Olivia is also an animal behaviour specialist, she is excellent at looking at bitting from a behaviour perspective.

Neue Schule will be providing a talk on “Modern Day Bitting for the Dressage Rider” on Saturday at 2pm-3pm, and again on Sunday from 10am until 11am. These talks are repeats so that riders can fit them in with their busy BD schedule. Stable consultations can be booked between 10am and 4.20pm on the Saturday and 8am until 11.40am on the Sunday. Stable consultations can be booked at arrival to the camp. We would suggest booking early due to limited spaces and busy schedules.

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