Turtle Top & Turtle Tactio Bridoon Eggbutt arrives…

Dressage & Para
29th September 2023

Hot on the heels of the Turtle Tactio Zlida we are thrilled to introduce you to the next new kids on the block – the Turtle Top & Turtle Tactio Bridoon Eggbutt…

The Turtle Top & Turtle Tactio Eggbutt bits are among our most popular products. Great for riders looking to add stability and a more consistent contact to reinforce the straightening and turning aids and particularly useful for the young horse in order to establish the bend etc.

Responding to rider demand we have now launched the Bridoon Eggbutt , for those riders looking for an Eggbutt to use as part of a doubles set or simply looking for a cheek which is in keeping with the size of your horse.

The new Turtle Top & Tactio Tactio Bridoon Eggbutts are available now in sizes X-Small, Small, Medium & Large. Click the images below to see more.

Product Code: 7023-BE or 7011-BE



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