Neue Schule Welcome Eldorado to the UK

1st November 2019

Neue Schule are excited to welcome Eldorado sales staff & stockists to a two-day conference held on the 4th & 5th November at Neue Schule Head Office in North Yorkshire.

Eldorado are Neue Schule distributor for Denmark, Sweden and Norway and will be bringing delegates from all territories to learn about the science behind bits and bridle fitting. The conference will consist of talks about head and mouth anatomy, mouth management, and the interaction between bits and bridles. We will also be talking about the science behind our range, our latest advances in research and the process of developing new designs, right through to them appearing on the shop floor. Eldorado will have the chance to ask questions about our bits, learn about advising clients on bits and bitting and learn about bits for dressage and faster work. We will also provide a live demonstration of the Avansce Synchronicity System and discuss how this rein tension measuring equipment can analyse a rider’s contact, balance, rhythm and consistency with the horse.

Overall, our conference is geared towards helping our retailers to confidently advise customers on our bits. We believe in offering support and guidance to both our UK based and international retailers.

Edlorado visit NS HQ

Eldorado last visited us back in February, and it will be fantastic to meet old friends and new faces alike.

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