Bit For TB After A Wind Operation


Hi I am wondering what bit you would recommend for my TB who had a wind operation as a young horse.  I am currently using a winning tongue bit on him but I feel it is too rigid and straight.  He can be quite heavy on my hands at times too and lock his jaw.   I would like him to just accept the bit, he resists through upwards and downwards transitions but is still young so I know it will come in time but my current bit is not working well.  I have tried an Eggbutt Bridoon French Link Snaffle but he was coughing a lot – this stopped with the Winning Tongue Bit but now we have the resistance!

Although he is a Thoroughbred he didn’t race, he was only used as a trail riding horse for 2 and a half years before I got him.  So he has only really had 5 months of dressage education.  I know training will help and I have regular instruction, he has had his teeth and saddle checked so I know that he is comfortable from this point of view.  I am thinking about trying the Verbindend because of the curve to help keep his tongue comfortable and help with his breathing,  but if you have any better suggestions I’d be glad to hear them. 

Thanks for your time


We would agree that the Verbindend would be a logical choice. We would suggest you try theVerbindend with the 16mm mouthpiece first as this will help to keep him comfortable in the contact.  The oval profile in the centre of the Verbindend mouthpiece takes up less room in the horse’s mouth than a 16mm circular profile but still offers a good weightbearing surface to keep the horse comfortable.   However, if this does not tick all the boxes, please let us know as hinging on his response to the Verbindend will send us down another likely avenue. At which point I would prefer to talk to you or as you are not in the UK we could possibly Skype.  It would also be useful to have some photos of his mouth conformation and possibly video footage of his way of going.Suggestion

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