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2nd October 2020

Each week we feature 10 riders using their Neue Schule bit…

28th September 2020

Mickey in his Tranz Angled Lozenge Full Cheek for in the school, all though we have a collection of Neue Schule bits for different things.

Mac loves his Universal so much he’s even smiling to show it off whilst swimming

Traditional Gypsy Cob Tommy C wearing his loose Ring Turtle Top. He also has the Universal Turtle Top for fun times and loves NS bits so much he has a loose ring Demi Anky a loose ring Verbindend and a Full Cheek Tranz Angled Lozenge in his bit box too, but his favourites are the Turtle Tops!

The horse on the left will only walk with Turtle bit. She has two Turtle bits now. One for dressage and one for long distance riding (Endurance).

Only the NS Turtle Top is good enough for my Wonderboy.

After having some issues with connection and suppleness, I have put my gelding back in the NS Starter loose ring bit after trying a variation of different bits and he’s like a different horse again!

Fidley in his Neue Schule Universal out hunting, he loves the mouth piece and is very settled in it and I love that I can choose between which rings to use meaning I can change from the snaffle ring for flatwork to the bottom ring for jumping without having to completely change bit.

Darbey Ramblin sporting the Turtle Tactio, we compete in all 3 phases with this bit, no need to swap and change with this boy

This is Angus at Little Downham BE. He has an Eggbutt Turtle Top and a loose ring Turtle Top and loves them both! He prefers the Eggbutt for jumping and the loose ring for his dressage. I’ve got a wide selection of Neue Schule bits for all my horses, with my hunter using a loose ring every day and a continental Turtle Top out hunting. They all love them and I wouldn’t use anything else now!

Lana loves her Tranz Angled Lozenge, she does everything in it! It keeps her so subtle in the hand, I can’t believe the difference it made.

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