New SPOT-ON Delivers Four Rein Options…

20th March 2023

We are delighted to introduce you to the latest cheek design from Neue Schule – the SPOT-ON.

A modern, versatile design with four different rein options plus a curb option. This enables the rider to achieve their objective as various ways of going may be encouraged.

Speed Control – Amplifies the rein aids for a downward transition.

Poll Relief – Highly recommended for horses with poll sensitivity.

Outline – Helps the rider establish a correct outline and self-carriage.

Turning – Reinforces the rein aids for tight turns and straightness.

This clever combination of cheek and mild mouthpiece allows the rider to reward instantly once the horse has responded to the rein aid.

SPOT-ON Cheek bit in horses mouth

Product Code: 7011-SPOT & 7023-SPOT

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