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4th December 2020

Each week we feature 10 riders using their Neue Schule bit…

30th November 2020

Flame loves all of her Turtle Tops!! We have NS Loose Ring, Universal and Weymouth following a bitting clinic. Since then I have gone from hunting in a 3 ring gag to a loose ring and had our best dressage scores to date!

Me and my ex racer Mojo (Joe Rua) do all eventing phases and intermediate team chase in a Verbindend snaffle! He was in a Pelham and martingale when we got him, neither needed thanks to this fab bit!

Pascha loves her team up snaffle, so much so that she qualified for Badminton 2021 this month!

Amber has the Neue Schule Verbindend! Very happy with it, comfortable in her mouth and better still … we have brakes!

This little guy used to go in strong bits for control… now he does all 3 phases in a Neue Schule Trans Angled Lozenge Bridoon! He is happy, soft, and adjustable!

Joey loves his NS Bits, he’s been in the Tranz Angled D-Ring since a young horse but has recently just swapped to the Turtle Top mouthpiece after a bitting consultation. I would not use any other bits!

Roko loves his team up… it helps him achieve lovely rosettes & sashes which mean he gets his photo taken which is his next favourite thing after eating.

Millie (Follyfoot Arkadia) has been ridden in the Neue Schule Universal for the past three years and loves it, no arguing and always happy to have her bridle on.

My three year old Stevie (James Field Superstition) in his NS Team Up Loose Ring snaffle starting his education. The perfect bit to start him off!

Action shot! Shannondale Avatar storming around the XC in his Elevator bit.

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